novels in-progress
Every Cloud - He sees every color. She can't help but bring darkness. Together, their cryptic pasts unravel.
Dawn of the Divinnaut - Not long ago, tegochants gave up on humanity and left their physical Earth realm.  Alcyone awakens with no memory, but a mission. Humanity can be saved, but her power is like no other. Change doesn't come without a little violence.
Smoke Screens - You’re supposed to have it all figured out by college. But for Howie Griffin and Desert Kraaf, two former childhood best friends who keep meeting again by chance, 21 is anything but easy. Wrestling their own mental battles and parents that have scarred them, the pair find themselves intertwined back in each other’s lives in a new and troublesome way as they navigate their complicated past and present, and life on the brink of real adulthood.

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