the short version
I'm Bridget! Recent graduate, new to copywriting as a profession, but a veteran to creative writing. 
An ambivert wearing an introvert disguise: quiet at first, but eventually a hoot-and-a-half that loves to make people laugh. I tend to socialize in short but powerful spurts. Sarcasm is my love language. I am that person that says they love cats and dogs equally and means it.
the long version

Inside every woman there are two wolves. One that requests a stranger in France to take her photo eating a hamburger so she can post it on Instagram with the caption "DABURGER"...

My name is Bridget Hepworth and I am a recent Iowa State graduate from Waterloo, Iowa with a B.A. in public relations and a minor in English.
Throughout college, I thrived in creative and fast-paced environments. Whether it was copyediting stories for Iowa State's newspaper, or coming up with dynamic and out-of-the-box story ideas for Film Producers Club, if it was a creative challenge, I was fulfilled. 
As a new copywriter, I firmly believe now more than ever it is vital to be skilled, conscious, and enthusiastic about what you say and how you say it. As a seasoned storyteller, I believe no matter what you're writing, there's a story to tell—and if there's one thing people love, it's a good story. 
Writing has always been a hobby of mine, whether it was drafting short funny stories to entertain my friends in elementary school, writing Harry Styles fan fiction in high school, or most recently writing copy for a leading quartz surfaces company. 
Fun fact: I've also slowly been working on writing three separate fiction novels for the past two years!
Being the "quiet one" in a family of 12, I learn best through observing and listening, but above all I want to create. I know I will be happy wherever I can collaborate with a creative team and improve a brand. 
I will, to an appropriate extent, have a sense of humor in my professional life and work. The world can be a dark, scary place and I vow to create uplifting content for the organizations that I work for. Plus, life is more fun with a little laughter.

...and one that takes dramatic pictures after losing 4 straight matches of pickleball.

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